We are Zach & Abby, true artists at heart who are driven by a deep passion for crafting unique, handmade wood products that you can cherish and utilize in your daily lives. Every piece we make goes through a labor of love - from the initial design phase to cutting, sanding, and hand-finishing. Our commitment as a company is to deliver the highest quality American-made products to you.

It all began with a “sure, let’s try this” moment…

Our woodworking journey began with the humble beginnings of repurposing discarded pallets found in business alleyways back in 2016. Our initial goal wasn't to start a business but rather just make furniture pieces that we loved for our own home but one thing lead to the next and our journey that initially began as a "sure, let's try this" moment making our very first coffee table years ago has exploded into a lifelong pursuit of creating unique art pieces in our wood-shop each and every day.

The Journey

Over the past 7yrs, our skills and aspirations grew, leading us down the road of crafting custom tables from live edge pieces, reclaimed barn wood, and various hardwoods. 2023 brought a new addition for us to expand our repertoire to include a unique collection of high-end earrings and home decor pieces to further add to the aesthetics of your home and style. One of the most rewarding aspects of all of this is getting to involve our children, passing down the knowledge we've acquired, and igniting in them a deep passion for creativity and giving back.


We cannot express enough gratitude for our amazing clients and the opportunities this business has brought us. Our success is owed entirely to you, our extended family, the amazing support we have received from everyone we have met along the way, and of course God’s favor in it all.

To stay updated with the latest happenings in our workshop and explore our newest creations, be sure to follow our social media accounts. We can't wait to share our ongoing journey with you!

Thankful that you’re here! - Zach & Abby