We donate a portion of all earring profits to ESMA

Ebenezer Shepherding Ministries of Africa, is a ministry that is located in Hawassa, Ethiopia and led by our good friends Rachel and Argaw.

ESMA consists of 3 different homes:

  • In January 2010, Ebenezer Grace Children’s Home (EGCH) was founded. Eventually, as their own family grew to seven, the Ayeles moved off-site in order to accommodate the needs presented by the growing number of orphans being brought into the children’s home. Since 2013, 28 children have been adopted locally, or have been reintegrated into their families.

  • In October 2015 Lantu’s Home of Hidden Treasures (Lantu’s Home) opened its doors to reach those that are in dire need of specialized care. The children range from abandoned newborns (during arrival) to those with moderate to severe special needs.

  • In April 2017, a children’s home that we had partnered with over the past years became part of the Ebenezer family. House of Hope is a home for older boys, many of which who are HIV positive.

Our connection with Rachel and Argaw dates back to 2005 when we crossed paths in Vajta, Hungary, long before they established the orphanage. Throughout the years, we have maintained a strong bond with them and in 2010, when they founded the orphanage, we were eager to explore ways to support this new endeavor. This desire led us to embark on a journey of creating and selling various items, ultimately leading to the introduction of our earrings.

Our dedication to supporting ESMA is rooted in our belief that every child deserves love, care, and opportunities for a bright future. Through our collaboration with Rachel, Argaw, and the orphanage, we aim to make a tangible difference and provide sustainable support for the daily operations and growth of the home.

By wearing our earrings, using our boards and other products, you not only adorn yourself and your home with beautiful wood products but you also become a part of a larger mission and symbolizing your commitment to giving back. Together, we can create lasting change and empower vulnerable children to thrive and succeed.

THANK YOU for joining us on this meaningful journey of compassion and generosity. Your support is instrumental in transforming lives and making a positive impact on the world.

For more information about the orphanage visit: