Shipping rates vary by location. Our products are handmade in our studio in Vancouver, WA so from the date you place your order, we try our best to send out orders daily, meaning your order should ship within 1-3 days of the order placed.

Depending on where you are located in the US, it usually takes up to 5 days to arrive.

If you have questions about our current shipment times please contact us before you order. 

Once an order leaves our doors we cannot control how long it takes for you to receive it. We cannot cancel orders. USPS delivery times are typically 3-5 business days for standard shipping (first class). Our tracking information is the same as what is available to you.


With all orders placed, a tracking number will be attached with your product. Don't worry, it's on its way to your home. If you didn't get your order, please write to us: CONTACT